Sunday, July 3, 2016

Third Collaboration W/ JC

This is another collaboration I did with JC. They are just two random characters really. He drew the picture and I'm responsible for re-rendering the sketch on Photoshop. I chose the colors scheme and he just agreed with me.

Thanks For Viewing! :-)

New Customer Requested Sketches: Rosa Parks & Shirley Chisholm

One of my customers from Fiverr found me on my blog site and requested two new sketches of Famous African American Women. One of them is a repeated sketch but with just a little more.

Rosa Parks

Shirley Chisholm

Thanks For Viewing! :-)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

New Short Video Production Gig on Fiverr!

I have a new short video production gig going! I decided to give this one a try because I actually really like making funny videos and advertisements for companies. If you'd like for me to make you a video Click Here! To see the kinds of videos I have already produced, visit My YouTube Channel!

Thank You!