Saturday, September 1, 2012

Child Hood Character Creation: Hochi-Min

What I'm about to post is a character my cousin and I created when we were still in high school. We created a number of characters in our earlier years, far more childish than you can imagine; all of which started off ages 13-17 in appearance. The picture you see here resembles a character in her early twenties. I drew her older than she originally started off in order to practice adult body gestures and proportion. I'll tell you a bit about her background: The idea of this character was first thought up when the hit PlayStation 3 video game, Little Big Planet first came out. She was a female sack-person dressed like a Native American Princess with bright orange skin. At first we wanted to make it seem she was from a real Native American tribe, but thought it was more creative to make up our own tribe. And with that, Hazah!, the "Ta-ha-li-li" tribe was created (Sounds strange huh? That's just the way we like it.) with the Native American Princess as it's very first member! Now naming this character was a tricky part. Though her name doesn't sound very Native it still seemed to fit her, especially when playing the Little Big Planet video game. Ladies and Gentlemen, without further adieu, I now introduce to you, Hochi-Min.

Hochi-Min Native American Princess of Tribe Ta-ha-li-li

She's naked because I had to practice drawing this way. Leave me a comment and don't be a pervert about it. This is ART people!

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