Friday, September 7, 2012

Further Character Development: Hochi-Min

Here she is! Hochi in the very first pose I drew her in naked. She is withdrawing a bow as if to ready herself for a threat in a rustling bush before her. 
On the lower right hand side of the picture is a little scene of her being chased off the dock by a huge shark. There's a story behind that, still in development but allow me to just tell you that the idea, once again, came from Little Big Planet.
My cousin, Jarrid and I loved to play the shark survival boards and somehow it became a story line about his character and mine running for their lives from a never ending swarm of sharks with razor sharp teeth, stomachs full of acid or electrical current all driven by a sensor powered jet pack in their tail fin! I know it sounds crazy, but it's the most fun we've ever had on Little Big Planet playing on the customized boards. Every now and then after being swallowed whole with an exaggerated "GULP" by one of the sharks or just barely escaping we would scream in agony the quote "IT'S EATING MEEEEE!!!" LMFAO! aaaahhh... good times....
You must be wondering what she's screaming. She's screaming the name of her partner and mentor in crime, Cooper. Cooper is a rouge soldier who failed SF training, according to my cousin. I have yet to create a sketch of cooper, however, when I do, keep in mind that his skin color never shows. It's always completely black with war paint and the only thing you may see is his leering eyes and tough guy scowl.

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