Friday, September 7, 2012

More Bare Body Practice

This next picture I'm about to post is just some bare body practice I did the other day; just three figures in various poses. The first pose I tried to make very dramatic while exaggerating the hips to get a sort of cartoon super heroine feel to it. (That's just something I've noticed on all the comic book heroines I've ever taken a liking to.) 

The figure I drew second most was the figure that appears to be laying belly down on the ground. At first I meant to make it look as if she was falling from the sky; sky diving perhaps but I realize that, because I drew her hair a little flat it looks more like she has stumbled and is skidding on the floor. (Side note: I drew her hair on AFTER drawing the third figure seen above her. I didn't want her hair to overlap on those beautiful toes! lol. jk.)

Finally, the figure you see drawn beside the first is the gesture I drew third most. With her hands spread outward and pausing at waist length, she takes a step forward as she welcomes you with open arms. A kind and calm face as she greets you resembles a goddess. (I mean, how could it not with those beautiful tah-tah's tempting you with their perkiness? lmao! ?Joking yet again. ) I tried to draw the width of her hips the same as her upper chest bringing her waist in a bit as well so that her body resembled an hour glass; the ideal woman in the magazines today.

Enjoy the view and leave comments! ;)

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