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Day 8- Rotating Head with Follow Through and Overlapping Action

Homework Assignments:
-Create a Portfolio site for your artwork and send the link to the Professor. Post your best and completed projects from high school, completed colleges and current college classes on your Portfolio Blog. I think this is so the Professor can see what kind of work you're capable of. You can use or another blog site such as If you've also got a Deviant Art page, good for you! :) To visit my Portfolio Blog Site: Click Here! To visit my Deviant Art Page: Click Here!
-Draw pages 32-44 of the Vilppu Drawing Manual. Remember to keep your drawings loose and free. Fill up the pages but don't draw on the backs. Try using a blending stump aka your "tortillion" to shade and give value to your sketches. Don't forget to choose a light source and shade accordingly. Want to see this homework assignment completed? Click Here!
-For those of you who did not check my site last week before today's homework was due, you are to draw 2 pages worth of your own characters to be reviewed by next class. Make sure these characters have a variety of body types and keep in mind that the 2 characters you choose out of the bunch, you will have to draw throughout the year. You should created a model sheet for your 2 favorites. Use the 300 model sheets for character ideas. You can find the 300 model sheets in the professor's folder in the drop box on the school's computers. Transfer it to your desktop for later and/or save it to an external hard drive. It's a big file folder.

The Professor's moral today was "Talent is nothing without focus and endurance." I rephrased it but, think about that people. It's what separates the winners from the losers, the successful from the failures, and the strong from the weak. Step it up!

Also I didn't get a chance to blog about this the other day when the professor sent us an e-mail on it but he talked about it today which reminded me to post about it. One of his previous students, Ruel Smith, has started his own production company/brand called "Mini Cinema" The professor says it's an entertainment platform that showcases production top quality short films online. The website is www.MiniCinema.TV. It's free to sign up for information and he wishes that we spread the word about his successful student's work. He also showed us a video by Ruel Smith called "A Woman's Worth" You can view it on Vimeo. Just "Click Here".

Today's lesson was about adding anticipation to the rotating dog head. You start with your key drawings as usual and draw the following in between drawings. Use the professor's drawing below for reference. Then draw only the following in between drawings according to the horizontal timing chart in the picture. Do the "in between, in between" drawings that are not required for this assignment for a smoother look to the animation. (I ended up drawing all of the "in between, in between" drawings for the stiff rotating dog head the first time.)
Professor's Follow Through and Overlapping Action
 Rotating Dog Head
Have the following page numbers in your Animation: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17.
You will need about 10 sheets of the large acme punched paper.

*1 and 17 (the key drawings) are exactly the same drawings used in the stiff rotating dog head.
*7 is underlined as the middle drawing but both 7 and 9 are in the middle and there is no real middle drawing. Follow the professor's master sheet exactly. Draw on model.
*When the dog's head is rotating it looks as if it is swaying. The cranium leads and the snout goes up and follows in anticipation. Kind of looks like the dog is ducking at first.
*The dog's ears follow the cranium as well catching up to the head after the snout. Remember to darken the ear farthest from you. Darken the opposite ear of the one you shaded when the dog faced your left to continue the effect that one ear is behind the other.
*The dog's eyes are blinking for 7 and 9. Make sure to include a good transition of the dog's eyes as they close and open again.
*The dog's head for the middle drawings should seem to get smaller and then become bigger again as they reach the last head frame. I try to think of this as squash and stretch so I don't get confused and think I've drawn them out of proportion.

When you're done drawing all of the heads on separate sheets of paper you are to film it the same exact way you filmed the stiff rotating dog head. Remember to draw loosely when you're sketching the dog's head.
Side notes: One of the professor's favorite animated videos is "Thought of You" by Ryan Woodward; a beautifully animated piece. Want to watch it? "Click Here". And if the professor required you to buy a book it would be Character Animation Crash Course By Eric Goldberg. Check it out!

Happy Animating! :)

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