Monday, October 8, 2012

Filming your Ball Character

I had a couple of people ask me about how we're supposed to film our ball character so I thought maybe I should make a post on it. I wasn't sure, at first, if the professor wanted us to film it and I thought he wanted to see how we sketched it with the center and eye lines. But, he e-mailed us all about it. Let me rephrase what he said:

Professor's e-mail (Rephrased by Me):

          Hello my wonderful students! Please film the head, frames 1-32, on 1s, 2s and 3s without the slow in and slow out. (This means do not include the "A" Drawings, for the first filming.) Then film it with the slow in and slow out drawings on 1s, 2s and 3s once more. (This means include the "A" Drawings, for the second filming.) Please use this e-mail (and Sierra's helpful class blog) for future reference. Good Luck!

                                 Your Charmingly Merciful Professor from Sierra's Delusions,

ROFLMFAO! I thought this blog could use a funny post. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Anyway... Here are the Filming versions you should follow. (I posted this same thing on Day 5, btw.)

Time Versions for Bouncing Ball Character:
1st Version
Name/Title Page 24, Holds
1st Ball 24, Holds
Balls 2-31, 3 Holds Each
Ball 32, 48 Holds
2nd Version
Ball 1-31, 2 Holds Each
Ball 32, 24 Holds
3rd Version
Ball 1-31, 1 Hold Each
Ball 32, 24 Holds
All 3 versions should be filmed on 1 Scene.

Include your improved backgrounds! 2 Point Perspective is most likely preferred.

Remember to film the Ball Character first WITHOUT the "A" Drawings/ Slow In, Slow Out. Then film them WITH the "A" Drawings/ Slow In, Slow Out. This means 2 different films/scenes.

Questions: Do we have to include the bow on the character's head?
My Opinion: I'm including the bow. Remember to observe pages 92, 95 and 127 in Preston Blair's Cartoon Animation PDF.
Professor's Answer: No bows. We must work on the animation first; that is the important aspect. We will discuss the rest in class.

Question: Should we add shadows?
My Opinion: I'm including the shadows in my animation for fun. Refer to the bottom of Day 6 post.
Professor's Answer: No shadows. (Same as bows.) We'll go over it during the next class.

By next class you should have the following assignments completed:

1.) Bouncing Ball Without "A" Drawings filmed.
2.) Bouncing Ball With "A" Drawings filmed.
3.) Ball Character Without "A" Drawings filmed.
4.) Ball Character With "A" Drawings filmed.

Happy Animating! :)

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