Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Character Development: Young Hochi-Min

So I'm still trying to figure out the appropriated age to make Hochi-Min when she starts her adventures with Cooper, whom I have yet to draw. Here are some cute little sample picture scenes my cousin, Jarrid and I have come up with. 
I do not have this picture in my sketch book now because it was sketched for my cousin and it is in his possession just like the other Hochi-Min drawing. He thought up the poses and scenes. I just drew it all.

Monkey Bone Stew is exactly as it says however this is just a sensor for what Bone Stew really is. Bone Stew can consist of any type of animal bone part. When my cousin and I were younger we used to play with action figures and bone stew was a vital part of the the action figure diet. LMAO. Our logic behind this is that bone marrow is so nutritious to action figures that they had to make a stew out of it. In Hochi's situation, she hunted down a whole lot of monkeys to create her stew which is a delicacy in her village because the monkeys on her island are going extinct.

Bone Stew apparently must taste better than it looks.

The young Hochi-Min with her spear for the last time. She looks to be about 7-13.

Here is the scene Hochi parts with her spear. She uses the spear to break free from the huge jaws of a blue shark after this she will equip herself with a bow and arrow.

Thanks for viewing! :)

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