Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Original Character Sketches

Here are my original character sketches. Notice how there is a variety of body types and beings. 

These were some off the top of my head. A little girl, a goofy bear, a fire rodent a spotted dog, some duck thing, an elephant with a ball, a silly dancing cat, a cute little frog and Hochi-Min's little brother whom I have yet to name.

The upper half of the page came from the top of my head when I thought about the different body types. A fat lady, a fit lady and a famished lady. On the bottom half of the page we have characters from my child hood. 

*We've got Mini Minoki and Dino the robot raptor dog from a comic my cousin and I started when we were younger. 
*Specter a wild trouble making black cat, Sora the pretty white house cat, Slash the cool, flirtatious, tiger striped cat, and Emma the sexy grey street cat. These cats came from a series created by me, my little brother, sister and cousin. It was our longest series all drawn by me starting off as "Getting Along With The Menu" and ending as "Cat Jams". The name of the series was changed because the main characters Sora, Specter and Slash became stray cats that no longer had to "get along with the menu" aka make nice with the family pets. Slash and Sora had children and Emma was added to the Cat Jams series to give Specter a companion and a son as well. The comic is illegible today and probably could not be translated by even ourselves if we were the same age we were then.
*Spy Cat Bella was an anthropomorphic cat woman. A sexy spy sent on mission to obtain justice and obliterate evil. She started off as a main character on a TV show in Cat Jams. I continued her story alone. It wasn't really a show children should have been watching, not even my siblings were aloud to see it. LOL
*The most notorious Anger Bear was originally a green toy bear that I cut in half because he made me angry with the sound he was making when my little cousin played with him. In this picture it's like he's coming back from the dead. His waist is taped, he has a peg leg, scissors for one arm, bug eyes, sharp teeth and claws, a chunk missing from his ear and he lures children into the darkness with candy. He makes a loud obnoxiously high pitched sound that sounds like "Woooooooooooooooooooooooo-oooooooooooooooooooooooow".

The upper left hand corner character is a Sack Boy from Little Big Planet, not my character. I just used him for reference in the ghost character next to him. Also on this page is an outraged mermaid woman, a gargoyle like troll, Captain Flowers, a turtle magician, some sort of short, buff, cat eared pachyderm, a cartoon like turtle head and a graceful ballet goose girl. 

Thanks for viewing! :)

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