Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Power outage! School closed! See you next week!

Hello everyone! I hope your animations are coming along! I can't wait to see them next class. Unfortunately  due to weather conditions and damages caused by Hurricane Sandy there will not be classes this Wednesday or Thursday. I was informed by Bloomfield College Alerts that school will be closed until Monday, November 5th, 2012. There was probably a power knock out, which has its pros and cons. One good thing about it is that you will have more time to work on your animations because you wont have TV, cell phones and video games to distract you. One bad thing about it is that if the power was knocked out in your area it may not come back on for a while. 90% of Newark lost its power and some of Bloomfield as well. (That means mine went out too.) I was devastated when I realized that means no internet, no phone service, no e-mail and no computer in general. That means I can only do my homework by daylight and if you're trying to animate there is no point in even trying because if you have a light box at home you wont have electricity to power it anyway! (It's a good thing I finished the most important part of my animation, all I have to do now is film it.) With the school closed you wont be able to use their light boxes either. I hope you all got your work done before the power went out. For now just work on your character model sheet sketches by daylight and try to spend some time with your family by night. My family and I played Monopoly by candle light the night our power went out.

I'm at a family member's house just charging my electronics, then I have to head back to my dark abandoned home, but here's one of my favorite animation videos that cheers me up. I hope you enjoy it too!

Happy Animating! :)

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