Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Character Development, Model Sheet: Un-named Character

The character you're about to see is based off of myself pretty much. I figured if I'm going to be drawing a character for the rest of my school years it may as well be me, because I find my multiple personalities quite entertaining. Even though this character was modeled after me I'm unsure of what kind of clothing, hair style or name to give her. I don't have a very big wardrobe of clothing and I don't own anything unique or flashy. And I only wear my hear in a pony tail on a bad hair day, btw, so her hair styles may change from time to time based on how I may be wearing my hear when I draw her. If any of you have name ideas, I'm all ears! Here are just some of the facial expressions I came up with. Enjoy!

I wish I knew what to call her...

Faced forward.

Somebody looks mad...

Shocked, Surprised, Dumbfounded.

Laughing and Giggling.

A little pout.


Profile view.

She knows your secret, you know who you are.

This is one of the slightly modified outfits I wore pretty much all summer.

Full view.

Thanks for viewing! :)

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