Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 10- Class Update By Jonathan Rojas

A great friend of mine was able to attend the 2D Animation Class on Thursday and he took notes for me to post on the blog. I wasn't able to make it to the class because it was my daughter's 3rd Birthday, so Jon recorded everything for me and put it in an e-mail. Everything after this paragraph is what Jon's e-mail said word for word and I give him full credit. Maybe I should make him the second admin of the site huh? After all I believe he is the best and most successful student in my class. LOL Anyway, follow his example and get your homework done. I'll see you all next class! :)

Day 10: Thursday, November 8th, 2012 2D Animation Class Update By Johnathan Rojas:

So, today, we worked on stretch and squash with a ball, mixed with some overlapping action.

We began by breaking down the animation to the ball alone. We did it as we normally would, with a timing chart of 1-5 but with a few minor differences. Frames 1-5 involved the ball going downwards.

Also, it's suggested to not put more than 2-3 inches between the apex and the nadir so as to keep the space controlled.

Then the timing changed to be frames 5-1, because now we were moving the ball upwards to the starting position.

Despite what the link looks like, the final frame isn't 11, it's 1, because Potuto wants this to loop up and down.
Then we added the scarf onto the head before character details. Now, as the scarf moves down it must trail behind the character. And when he reaches the bottom, it must sort of collapse behind him.

When the character is going up, the scarf must be pointing down until the character reaches the 9th and 11th frame, which is when he slowly must return to the same frame 1 position.

*When the character is on frames 5,6,7 a sort of ring forms around him to show the impact. It can be anything, either a splash of water, a dust cloud, rocks, etc.

*Remember to do a cast shadow on the floor. As the ball gets closer to the ground, the shadow will get bigger (except when the ball stretches vertically). And will shrink as it moves higher.

1.) Now Mr. Potuto wants us to draw this ball animation seen in the 2nd video in this link:
We are allowed to make our own characters again, but they must have the basic fundamentals of this one. (I.E Scarf on head.)
He then said to film it, but unlike the other animations we made for class, he wants it to loop. He doesn't want a title screen, a blank first page, a 48 second delay for the end. He just wants it to loop. However, we still have to do it on 1s, 2s, and 3s, just with no 48 second delay between each one.

2.) So looking back to the link, Mr. Potuto also wants us to make an animation similar to the first video where the ball will twist as it rises and falls. However, he didn't give us details on how to draw it, since he wants us to figure that out. The filming process is very similar except for one crucial detail. He wants us to combine it with the first animation. 

So essentially he wants us to do two separate videos. One where the ball will just bounce up and down regularly in a loop, and a second video where it begins with the ball just jumping up and down, until it seamlessly transitions into the ball twisting. That's due Next Wednesday.

3. Mr. Potuto also assigned us new Vilppu pages. Pages 45-71
Want to see this homework assignment completed? Click Here!

4. Our character sheets are also due next Wednesday. Mr. Potuto wants the characters to have a complete turn around and for us to have a variety of facial and body expressions.

Happy Animating! :)

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