Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 12: Wrapping Up The Semester

As usual the professor checked the homework. The class was pretty small today. I wonder why. Anyway the professor showed us some DVD video on how Disney animates their cartoons. He showed the class how to do the "S" Wave animation, which I have already completed and posted my video of. The main highlight of today was all about our Final. On December 12th we are to hand in a DVD of our work and 2 Pictures.

*The first picture will be the original sketch of your model sheet. (Yes, you must hand in the original model sheet so if you're in love with it, make a copy and part ways with the original.)

*The second picture will be the photoshopped version of your model sheet printed on gloss paper. (Yes, it must be printed on gloss paper. If you print it on normal paper, the professor will not accept it. It will look like crap. You can go to the Equipment Lab with your Photoshopped model sheet on a flash drive and ask them to print it on glossy paper for you.)

*The DVD must contain a copy of your Photoshopped model sheet: the actual pdf file and rendered movies of the animations we have been doing throughout the semester.

Rendered Movie Animations to include:

*Finally put all of your animations together into one movie with sound effects!
Want to see this assignment completed? Click Here!

*Label the DVD with your full name, cell phone number and e-mail address.

When Photoshopping your model sheets, use the example model sheet of OtterButt for format reference. The first sketch of your character should be in red showing the rough drafting of your character. Next to that should be a full view of your character turning around. The middle drawing of your figure should be the largest full view of your character, colored with a cast shadow. To the left of the main drawing you should include 4-5 facial expressions and to the right you will include 4 full body poses of your character.

Remember to scan your model sheet at 300 dpi.
Put your name on the back of your model sheets, not the front.

Happy Animating and Character Creating! :)

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