Sunday, November 4, 2012

Practice Sketches: Female Cartoon Characters

Here are just some practice sketches I did, waiting for school to re-open this Monday.
I was going through an old LIFE: America's Weekend Magazine when I found these poses. I thought it would be great practice because I've never drawn poses like these before and I do admire poses that look as if the figure is dancing.

The following are my favorite female cartoon characters:
Chel from The Road To Eldorado
Who doesn't love a character with sex appeal now and then? LOL

Crysta from FernGully: The Last Rainforest
She's fun, naive and magical.

Thumbelina from Don Bluth's Thumbelina
Yet another fairy, this one doesn't know it yet though. Little people dream big. I also admired that she was voiced by one of my favorite voice actor's Jodi Benson.

Esmeralda from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
I Loved the way this character danced and fought, but most of all I liked how kind she was to Quasimodo.

Nina from Lilo & Stitch
I love this one the most because she's very dynamic when they animate her running and her facial features are unique compared to other Disney girls.

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin
I liked her because she was a princess that didn't want to be a princess, which reminded me of myself. My mother always wanted me to be proper and lady like but I always felt like I wanted to escape that pressure.

Pocahontas from Disney's Pocahontas
I couldn't get the face right on this one because in every picture I found of her I noticed her eyes were slightly bigger or smaller compared to the head. I just couldn't make up my mind and I confused myself. Oh well, she's still on of my favorite characters mainly because she's a brave, curious and adventurous native woman.

Tiana from The Princess & The Frog
The very first African American Disney Princess. I loved her because she was all about working hard to earn what you want in life and that always encouraged me to do my best.

Megara from Disney's Hercules
I just loved the style of this character, pretty much.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid
She was also a very adventurous character with beautiful vocals also voiced by Jodi Benson.
This was my favorite Disney Movie as a child. I just loved singing along especially to "Part Of Your World".

The full cast of my favorites. To be honest with you This is my first attempt to draw all of these characters and I don't think I did too badly. Now I'm going to use what I've learned from these characters to create my, one unique character for animation.

Thanks for viewing! :)

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