Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 13: Model Sheet Critique

Hey fellow animators! I know this post is a day or so late but I've had a lot on my mind and a lot to do. I’m going to make it as short as possible so I can get back to studying for finals.

On Day 13 the professor critiqued our Photoshop Model Sheets. He showed us a couple of the Photoshop commands to use on the keyboard so that we weren't stuck looking for each one. He also showed us how to put cast shadows under our key (colored) character view and he had us adjust each expression and pose of our characters so that they weren't all the same size and position. The adjusting helped to create a variety of views for our characters.

The professor didn't check our "S" Wave animations but have them ready next class because there is still a chance he could go around looking for them!

Homework Assignment:

The professor gave us a white foam board with a Permanent Auto Adhesive backing. WARNING! Do not remove the Auto Adhesive backing that reveals the sticky side. The professor does not want us to use that side. Instead you will cut each figure out of your model sheets and tape/paste them to the clear white side of the foam board in the same format used for Otterbutt. Your Photoshop Model Sheet does not have to look exactly like your model sheet board but it is preferred.

That’s all the info I've got for now! So get your Model Sheet Boards and your DVDs done for our final class- December 12th,2012. And have your "S" Waves too! I'd very much like to see what cleaver ideas you've all come up with.

Happy Animating! :)

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