Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finalizing The Model Sheets: Introducing Gossipi The Site Mascot!

I've finally figured out how I want my model sheet. And I've also decided to call my character "Gossipi". Once of these days, maybe even some time over our break you'll see Gossipi as the mascot for this here blog site! Here are the models I've come up with.

I was bored in the middle of my Art History lecture when I drew this and I hadn't realized it at first but I drew the 3/4th Back view of my character which I needed in order to complete my Turn Around Model Sheet.

The strangest part was that it was exactly the same height as I needed to complete the Turn Around and I hadn't even looked at the old model sheet for reference at all. I flipped the page over onto my light box and began to trace the back re-drawing the figure with Gossipi's clothes on it. Then I added the values.

One final trace of each figure onto a clean sheet of paper and I had my complete turn around!

My red rough sketch and the main picture that I will be coloring.

This is the main picture that will be colored for the model sheet.

I traced all of my favorites onto one sheet to be handed in to the professor. I added a new sketch; the second sketch from the bottom left.

This is just a sneak peak screen pic I took of Gossipi colored. I wasn't sure what color I wanted her hair and eyes to be. I made her hair a shade of red and her eyes a bright green. When I asked my mother what colors she thought I should use before she even saw this picture she said "Red hair, green eyes". Weird huh? Either we think alike or she's psychic!

The last sneak peak screen pic of Gossipi! I'm not really all that great with shading and shadowing; this is actually my first time coloring like this as well. Now it's not set in stone but I'm really diggin' those Kiwi Mellon colors on her. What do you think? I settled with a Pink/Red Shade of hair for her and Bright/Forest Green Eyes. She's sporting Grey/Black yoga pants with a Dark Green Scarf around her waist and a Lime Green Shirt to compliment her eyes. It's all starting to come together now. I can start on a profile description for my character now!

Thanks for viewing! :)

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