Thursday, February 21, 2013

Randomosity Sketches

Wonder what I sketch on my free time? We'll you're about to find out. Enjoy!

I was observing kittens for a Photoshop animation I'm doing in Digital Media Studio class.

Here are a couple of poses I was set on creating for my Photoshop Kitten Animation.

Heeeeeeeeeeres Gossipi! Yup she's still alive and doing well. Shes a little confused as to what she wants to do right now but she's here and ready for the challenge!

Just some gesture sketches I did completely off the top of my head.

I was watching Cat Woman and felt the need to draw something involving her.

She could be holding anything right now. For example: A calculator because I've been driving myself crazy with that math homework. She could be counting her pennies which is pretty much all I have left to my name. Or, she could be trying to read her palm to figure out where her life is going.

I wanted to put her in a really active and flowy pose. This is what I came up with. She would be holding a badminton racket if I had the space to draw it.

Gossipi looking up with determination.

A habit of mine.

Thanks for viewing! :)

One Point Perspective Sketches

I know i'ts kind of late to post these but here are my practice perspective sketches. I had a hard time sketching perspective sketches. I'm still afraid of 2 point perspective but next time around I'll include one. Enjoy for now!

This is a 1 point perspective of one of the classrooms at Bloomfield College.

The professor wanted messier sketches and at the time I was living in a place that I couldn't stand to see unorganized so there wasn't anything messy to sketch. This is my Dad's CD and Novel collection.

This is a 1 point perspective of my mother's living room. 

Some junk the professor had us sketch from a picture he took in a... pawn shop?

More of that junk...

15 Boxes, 1 point perspective

Thanks for viewing! :)

Pursuing Your Animation Career

This is something that we all need to think about. It could really change our lives and the way we raise our children as well. Do what you desire from the beginning or all your hard work is for nothing. "Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way."- Alan Watts

Pursue your career. Become a master of it and don't worry about the money. Don't worry about how you're going to pay for school. Because everything as far as Animation can be taught to you through observing what you see around you. How do you think the greatest teacher's in history learned what they learned? You can do anything you put your mind to. This is what my friends have been trying to tell me. I've been trying to convince myself this as well. I think it's time to take my first real step into pursuing my career. It's time to take action and make a change in the way I'm living my life. Who's with me?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tech Rep Funny Story Board Animatic

Here's the second story board animatic I worked on in Mr. Potuto's class that I like to call "Tech Rep Funny". Enjoy. :)

Thanks for watching!

Jack & Jill Story Board Animatic

So here's what I've been working on in My Potuto's class. This is my first storyboard animatic for Jack & Jill. Enjoy. :)

Thanks for watching!

Observed A Cat Walk

Once again, I know it's been like forever since I've done a post. I've been very busy with school and family so I really haven't had time. I haven't been doing so much as far as Animation, in fact the last thing I animated was a cat walking. And I didn't even follow the rules in doing that... I didn't even know there were any rules. If you want to see the cat walk cycle I did well... Here it is and don't make fun of me.

Ya I know... It sucks...

But anyway.... Let me just post what I've been working on in Mr. Potuto's class...My next two posts on this blog will be my animatics for Jack & Jill as well as the PC Customer Service Representative which I like to call "Tech Rep Funny".