Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Point Perspective Sketches

I know i'ts kind of late to post these but here are my practice perspective sketches. I had a hard time sketching perspective sketches. I'm still afraid of 2 point perspective but next time around I'll include one. Enjoy for now!

This is a 1 point perspective of one of the classrooms at Bloomfield College.

The professor wanted messier sketches and at the time I was living in a place that I couldn't stand to see unorganized so there wasn't anything messy to sketch. This is my Dad's CD and Novel collection.

This is a 1 point perspective of my mother's living room. 

Some junk the professor had us sketch from a picture he took in a... pawn shop?

More of that junk...

15 Boxes, 1 point perspective

Thanks for viewing! :)

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