Thursday, February 21, 2013

Randomosity Sketches

Wonder what I sketch on my free time? We'll you're about to find out. Enjoy!

I was observing kittens for a Photoshop animation I'm doing in Digital Media Studio class.

Here are a couple of poses I was set on creating for my Photoshop Kitten Animation.

Heeeeeeeeeeres Gossipi! Yup she's still alive and doing well. Shes a little confused as to what she wants to do right now but she's here and ready for the challenge!

Just some gesture sketches I did completely off the top of my head.

I was watching Cat Woman and felt the need to draw something involving her.

She could be holding anything right now. For example: A calculator because I've been driving myself crazy with that math homework. She could be counting her pennies which is pretty much all I have left to my name. Or, she could be trying to read her palm to figure out where her life is going.

I wanted to put her in a really active and flowy pose. This is what I came up with. She would be holding a badminton racket if I had the space to draw it.

Gossipi looking up with determination.

A habit of mine.

Thanks for viewing! :)

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