Monday, April 1, 2013

Dynamic Masking: Texturized Peter Pan

Lookie, lookie I texturized Peter Pan with a dynamic use of masking. This was for my Computer Imaging class. I know you all will think is looks kind of creepy because he does have a weird sort of realistic look to him. But that weird sort of realistic look reminds me a lot of the MAD TV Guy and that guy always scared me. Check it out! :)

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The Making Of: Gossipi's Bloomfield College Commercial

Here is the storyboard for Gossipi's Bloomfield College Commercial. My first animatic to be colored with photoshop animation included. Enjoy!

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The Making Of: To Be A Good Mother

Here are the Storyboards for To Be A Good Mother. This was my favorite animatic and judging by everyone's reactions to it, the most touching one yet. :)


The following frames are out of order but  I think you can figure them out.

This was the colored cover for my short film that I made during the same semester but never had the time to post. Posted: 1/18/2014

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The Making Of: Tech Rep Funny

Here are the storyboard for Tech Rep Funny. Enjoy! :)

The following are un-numbered in-between frames:

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The Making Of: Jack And Jill Animatic

I thought maybe I'd take a trip back through some of my earlier animatics and post my original storyboard frames. I'll be posting the frames for my other Animatics as well. Sorry they are a bit out of order but do enjoy!

The following are actually extra frames without numbers I used in-between to give more detail to the story.

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Photoshop Animation: Kitten's Play

There was very tedious work for this short photoshop animation but I'm proud of the way it came out. This was done at Bloomfield College in my Digital Media Studio II Class.

I was instructed to design, draw and cut out part for an animal on construction paper that was to be animated in Photoshop. After cutting them out, I took the pieces and scanned them onto a Mac where I then digitally cut out each part and moved it to make it look like a cat.

I had to move the body parts of the cat one by one and piece by piece for each frame in order to animate it looking around, standing up, jumping and pouncing on the ball and playing with the ball. It took weeks.

I even created a foreground that moves with the cat as is continuously pounces to the left of the screen.

Finally when the animation was done I added sound effects with Final Cut Pro and finalized the video in iMovie.

It's short but I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for watching! :)

Bloomfield College Commercial Animatic

This was probably the most hectic of my Animatic projects. The computers at BC just did not want to work with me at all. But after a full day of hard work and dedication to staring at a pinwheeling computer, I managed to get it done. Here is my first commercial featuring Gossipi and my first "colored" Animatic. Enjoy!

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