Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Final Project Video for Digital Media Studio

Just as the title says. The video's description says more if you follow it to youtube. Dedicated to my 3 year old daughter, Lillian Leianni Medina. <3

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Have a Laugh!: The Spice Guys!

I photoshopped this picture in my Computer Imaging Class as my final assignment. SPICE GUYS! From left to right we have Justin Timberlake and Ginger Spice, Bruce Willis and Baby Spice, Dwayne Johnson as Posh Spice, Elija Wood as Sporty Spice and Samuel Jackson as Scary Spice. It's not that I have anything against these guys or girls or what ever they may be but I just wanted to make my final project something I could look back on and laugh at. Enjoy!

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Cherokee Nation Animatic

Here is my the final project for Mr. Potuto's Pre-Production Animation class;  Cherokee Nation! The song, Indian Reservation, is by Paul Revere and The Raiders. Enjoy!

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The Making Of: Cherokee Nation Animatic

Here is the storyboard for my Cherokee Nation Animatic. We were instructed to make the main character a caricature of ourselves. Here's what I came up with. The song I'm using is Indian Reservation by Paul Revere and The Raiders. (Again, 1 of 5 songs chosen by the professor.) This one appealed most to me because I am a little Cherokee myself. Once I started drawing and coloring everything just started to flow. Drawing all of this felt so natural. Enjoy!

This is an extra picture; a caricature of myself as the indian princess that I didn't put into the video.

The Whole Gang
Shout out to my students at Sussex Avenue Elementary School:
Angelique is the one, front left, in yellow, blue and red.
Guadalupe is the one with the psychedelic headpiece in the back left holding her hair.
Mikah is the one, left middle, looking the most egyptian.
Rebecca is the one to the left of the Indian Cheif in purple and beige.
Cindy is the one on the right wearing pink.
My girls drew what they wanted their characters to look like. Then I redrew them in my style and colored them. Hope you like it girls!

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Space Oddity Animatic

Here is my final Space Oddity Animatic. Enjoy!

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The Making Of: Space Oddity Animatic

Here is the storyboard for the Space Oddity Animatic. A decent animatic for a very annoying song and yet I somehow still admire Davide Bowie. Enjoy!

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