Saturday, December 14, 2013

Stop Motion Final Project: LaRue Clause

This is a stop motion video made for my Stop Motion Class at Bloomfield College. It's a story about me telling a story to my daughter while she plays in the bath tub. The voices are the actual voices of my daughter and I. I hope you enjoy this heart felt moment between a mother and child.

The version below has Kisses & Cake by John Powell playing in the background. It was the original song I chose to present the animation with because it had the most feeling and I've always enjoyed John Powell's music. I believe his music is most fitting for the way this video makes me feel.

The music in the version below was chosen as a replacement so that the video could possibly be submitted to a Film Festival. This is the closest to the original music I could find. This version was also submitted as my Stop Motion Final.

Background Music Credits:
"Inner Light" Kevin MacLeod ( 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Thanks for watching! :)

Basic Video Production Final Project: Cooking By The Book

This video was made for my CAT 188 Basic Video Production Class at Bloomfield College. It's a cooking show staring Chef Maligahshutigre and my best friend Teresa. My daughter Lillian is in it as well. They are baking cupcakes for their birthdays which are only 2 days apart. There are 2 versions to this video. There is the one for children and the funny one for more mature audiences. Enjoy!

This version below does not contain bloopers in the end. 
It was turned in to the professor as my as my final for his class.

The version below has bloopers in the end that are for a more mature audience.

Thanks for watching! :)