Sunday, February 16, 2014

Portrait Of The Day: My Beautiful Mother

Today's digital caricature portrait of the day: My Beautiful Mother (in her youth). I know a lot of you are going to tell me I look just like her. Thanks, I'm proud! :)

Oh look! Featuring my new logo! Woot Woot!

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My New Logo!

Hey everyone! Take a look at my new logo!

Initials: SLR
Logo Origin

Back when I was still in high school I picked up this funny way of writing my initials in a hurry. My SLR (for Sierra Leianni Roberson) actually looked like a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. (Could you believe I actually sung the song as I spelled out Mickey's name? LOL!) I remember my drawing teacher, Mr. Barkkume, asking me to sign something before I handed it in and after watching me scribble on my initials he asked me, "What is that?"  I said "My initials 'S', 'L', 'R'." And as I said this, I scribbled the letters again. The teacher then replied "Oh... I thought they were like Mickey Mouse ears or something..." And that's when I got the idea for my logo. Since then I have always initialed my work in the same way. And because I've always wanted to work for Disney, I let my logo be a reminder of my career goal. Rainbows have always made me smile and so that is why I chose to color my logo like a rainbow. It represents positivity and my love for colorful works of art.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

In Loving Memory of Vincent Potuto Animation Instructor/Mentor

"I'll go on alone with the pain. And I swear that I wont complain. Cause I have the dream you gave me. To keep me strong just how I should be."

When I got the news on Valentine's Day afternoon about his passing, I found it hard to believe my very first inspiration for this blog had gone so soon from my life. Many of my readers from Bloomfield College remember my very first post about the mean and ruthless, arrogant and merciless professor that almost drove me to drop his class during my first semester. Despite all those things I disliked about him at first, I knew from the begining he was doing it to toughen us up for the real world. And his attitude toward me only made me want to work harder for his respect. It wasn't till after I informed him of my blog that he noticed my hard work and dedication to his class. Slowly but surely that old bird began to take me under his wing and I thought of him as more than just a grouchy teacher who loved to brag about his most talented students; because I had become one of them.

You see, when I first came to Bloomfield College, I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my talent. All I knew is that I could do what ever I put my mind to but I had no direction and no idea what I truly wanted to become. During the Summer of 2013 Mr. Potuto offered me a job substituting his 6th and 9th grade Summer Transitioning students. I gladly took him up on his offer and became his intern. That summer I realized that I not only loved to teach through my blog, but I enjoyed teaching students in person as well and on the last day of the job I found myself crying about how I would miss working at Cicely Tyson School. I wanted to come back and be his intern again. I wanted to work with him and learn anything and everything possible about teaching animation and animating in general. Most of all, I wanted to become an Animation Instructor just like him, and push my students to work their hardest so that they may succeed as I have.

Even though I didn't get that second chance to intern with Mr. Potuto, I cherish the valuable and knowledgeable time I had with. The only thing I regret is that I didn't tell him how much that opportunity really meant to me. Even after reading about himself in my blog, Potuto had no hard feelings and still felt that I deserved a chance. And that chance opened the door to endless possibilities for my future. That is why I will never forget him; because he was the inspiration for what I wanted to become. And even though I must continue my journey to an animation career without him I will never forget the wisdom bestowed onto me by this great man, Vincent Potuto.

VinniePotuto Celebration Of Life.pdf
Star Ledger Obituary: Vincent Potuto

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Last Week's Fiverr Requests!

Here are last week's Fiverr Requests. You can get your own portrait drawn and colored by me too! Just click here: Gossipi's Fiverr- Digital Caricature Gig

Little Professor for gudfinna

Jewish Online School's Male Mascot for sonlineschool

Woman With The Sun Glasses for nkwrites

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Information Review: Malcolm Pulliam 3D Animation Tutor

I decided to do an Informational Review on someone who has a majoring subject in common with me that I also know the least about. His name is Malcolm Pulliam and you may have read about him here on the site. The first time I met him was my first semester at Bloomfield College. I was on the verge of quitting Mr. Potuto’s Animation class when he suggested we take a step outside to cool off from all the overwhelming information we were receiving. He convinced me to stay and stick to the class. Had he not convinced me to do so, I would never have rediscovered my love for Animation and Cartooning. Shortly after our first meeting I published my very first post to Gossipi's Animation Class, the foundation of my Animation Career. Let's check in on what Malcolm has been up to since the day we met. :)

Malcolm Pulliam
3D Modeling & Animation Tutor

*Me: What got you into 3D Animation?

-Malcolm: I saw a demo reel online. I was mesmerized after seeing it to the point where I couldn't stop thinking about it and I wanted to try it out. It was a 3D Modeling demo real and that’s what I figured I wanted to do with my life.

*Me: What kind of environment do you prefer to work in? Quiet or fast paced? Alone or with a team?
-Malcolm: It depends on what mood I’m in. Sometimes I can work with others and sometime I need to be by myself. Most of the time, I prefer to work by myself because that’s when I get the most creative ideas.

*Me: Do you have an internship or a job in the 3D Animation field?

-Malcolm: I interned for a graphic design company called Simple Design Networks and Tempo Networks. I worked from the ground up and learned web development, logo designing, on air graphics and I even designed posters. Right now I’m just attending school. I’m doing a work-study job as 3D Animation Tutor. I assist Animation Students with basic fundamentals of 3D animation through Autodesk Maya. I try to teach it like an actual course with the students depending on how much help they need. I teach the bouncing ball, the physics, the walk cycles as well as the overlapping time and tail animation. I’m currently taking Digital Video and Demo Reel classes and I’m doing an independent study course with Professor Carl Edwards about 3D Modeling and Animation. Our main focus is Capstone. 

*Me: What are the best strategies for applying to a 3D Animator job like yours?

-Malcolm: To be honest with you, I didn't really have a network of graphic designers or animators to begin with. I was basically really proactive and went after what I wanted despite the fact that I knew nobody in the field. In the field of art the only thing that’s going to get your foot in the door is the quality of your work. You need to create a good resume, profile and portfolio or demo reel and get your work out there. Whether you’re applying for graphic designer, animator, director, illustrator or concept artist, you’re going to need to show them what you can do. It’s not like being a teacher in any other subject because with them it’s all about your grades and your high scores. In the Art Industry you need to submit actual, physical work that displays your capability.

Shortly after all of my questions were answered I thanked Malcolm for all of the wonderful inspiration, encouragement and valuable information he traded with me. I look forward to attending one of Malcolm's 3D Animation tutoring sessions in the near future. I could use some help in the 3D Modeling & Animation field. Which is why I have yet to post any of my 3D works of art. You can join us for 3D Modeling & Animation too or request a personal session by contacting Malcolm with the information above. Happy animating and of course...

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fiverr Requests

My Fiverr work in the order it was received. I got better with each gig I got. Want yours done? Visit My Fiverr and submit a gig request!

Business Man Tim for tjwright

Baby Boy for theg4global

Woman With A Beautiful Smile for meliapaizi

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