Sunday, February 16, 2014

My New Logo!

Hey everyone! Take a look at my new logo!

Initials: SLR
Logo Origin

Back when I was still in high school I picked up this funny way of writing my initials in a hurry. My SLR (for Sierra Leianni Roberson) actually looked like a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. (Could you believe I actually sung the song as I spelled out Mickey's name? LOL!) I remember my drawing teacher, Mr. Barkkume, asking me to sign something before I handed it in and after watching me scribble on my initials he asked me, "What is that?"  I said "My initials 'S', 'L', 'R'." And as I said this, I scribbled the letters again. The teacher then replied "Oh... I thought they were like Mickey Mouse ears or something..." And that's when I got the idea for my logo. Since then I have always initialed my work in the same way. And because I've always wanted to work for Disney, I let my logo be a reminder of my career goal. Rainbows have always made me smile and so that is why I chose to color my logo like a rainbow. It represents positivity and my love for colorful works of art.

Thanks For Viewing!