Saturday, June 21, 2014

More Famous African American Sketches

All of the following portraits, except for the last, were requested by my favorite customer, digitalbrothers. These sketches were not accepted as the final product and needed modification so that they could be used as children's coloring pages. I felt they were all too nice to not be posted even though they are not a finished product so here they are!
Coretta Scott King

Gabbie Douglass

Bessie Coleman

Colin Powell

Malcolm X

Jimi Hendrix

Rosa Parks

Booker T. Washington
Shani Davis

Wilma Rudolf

Fiverr Request "Niece" for danto987

Thanks for viewing! :-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fiver Work Update 6/4/2014

Here are some old and new updated Fiver requests I'm just now getting the chance to post. Some of them are meant to be coloring pages for kids as my clients had explained to me. Some of the more detailed sketches; I just felt generous with my air brush tool. You may notice that a lot of these sketches are of famous African American People. My main client likes to appreciate African American Heros and drawing up these portraits for him also helped me to appreciate them as well. :-)

Delightful Lady for digitalbrothers

Michele Obama for digitalbrothers

Carter Woodson for digitalbrothers

Harriet Tubman for digitalbrothers

Respect My Kinks for ladyveen

President Barack Obama for digitalbrothers

(RIP) Maya Angelou for digitalbrtohers

Mae Jemison for digitalbrothers

Lonnie Johnson for digitalbrothers

Martin Luther King Jr. for digitalbrothers

Thank's For Viewing! :-)