Sunday, July 20, 2014

Katie's Game Project

One client had a big request for an image of 600dpi. I didn't think my computer would be able to take it but I managed to get it done. It was actually quite fun drawing up the scenery as well as the characters that kind of just came off the top of my head as I was putting this whole thing together. The client had a story line in mind but while I was recreating it I put a couple personalities of my own in that might make the scene interesting and somehow tell the client's story without words.

We started off with a simple sketch of what the client was looking for. This was the original idea.

This was the end result. The client wanted resemblances of Makoshika Park in the background so there is a bit of scenery back there with some structures I quickly faded together.

This is the main character Katie. She was injured during the game and was put on the sidelines to watch while they had a less enthusiastic player take her place.

I was thinking, the girl in green with the pony braid was the shy and timid team player on Katie's team.
The girl in orange is the team captain of the opposing team who is actually pretty friendly and a fair player.

This girl is the cautious player on Katie's team, who could also be Katie's best friend.

This girl is a star player on the opposing team who cares only about winning.

This girl is a trouble maker on the opposing team and is known to cheat.

This girl is Katie's team captain, she's a bad ass who doesn't like to lose but she encourages the team even on their off days.

These are the soccer moms! Proud and cheering for their girls during the game.

Again these aren't the actual personalities or roles that the girls in the images play in the real story. This is just what I've been imagining as I drew them.

Thanks for Viewing! :-)

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