Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Energy Detective Project

A client of mine wanted to create a logo out of a portrait of herself. She started off with a different Fiverr artist and then somehow found me. I re-created the image on the left in my own style and used a portrait of the client to make the facial features more realistic.
There were a number of different versions of her after that to get the right feel for her logo.

I flipped the image.

I widened her smile, took away the rings and made her wink.

I tried drawing her in a different pose.

Then I went back to raise her smile and eyebrows once more.

And finally I made her look through the magnifying glass.
My client was pleased with this one.

With all the editing I did, this could have been an animation she said. She's even thinking about having me animate it now. LOL!

Thanks for Viewing! :-)

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