Friday, December 12, 2014

UPDATE: Life changing events!

Hello fellow viewers! It sure has been a long time since my last post. I wanted to let you all know of a very important update. This is a huge life changing update that could either put a hold on my career OR help me to advance a little faster. Who knows? I guess it all depends on where life takes me after this.

Anyway here is the news: I MOVED TO FLORIDA! Yup! I've been living over here since November 1st and guess what! I'm not too far from my Disney career now. I'm just a couple miles away but I would still like to complete my Bachelor's Degree in Animation/Illustration and Intern a couple more times before I'll be ready to approach Disney professionally.

So what happened to Bloomfield College, you ask? Weeeeell I had to withdraw from classes for this emergency move. I was not doing well in my tiny apartment in Bloomfield. Things got overwhelming, depressing and sickening (literally, I got sick way too often living in that cramped space). Ever since I moved here to Florida I've been feeling and doing so much better. It's like, why didn't I just up and move during the summer?! It's THE BOMB over here! Lol!

I've settled into my Mom's house quite nicely. I was depressed at first but after the first 3 weeks things started to pick up and I was starting to appreciate the place. I also found that signing up for assistance over here in Florida is a cake walk compared to applying for assistance in NJ. You have to wait FOOOOOR-EEEEEVER in NJ and you have to stand in long lines ALL DAY! But over here in Florida, applying for assistance is as easy as logging into your computer and going to one website that does EVERYTHING for you! It's a dream come true over here and I can better concentrate on other things like my daughter finally going to school. I couldn't get her in when we lived in NJ, She just started attending a free Preschool program like 2 weeks ago! Florida is amazing!

Sorry for the ranting though. I'm just so happy that things are finally going my way. Oh ya! I almost forgot to mention that next week Thursday, I will officially be 8 months pregnant with my second daughter. Things just keep getting better and better don't they?!

Well I'd better go update my Fiverr account and get back to my loyal clients who have been waiting oh so patiently for me to settle in and get back on my feet. Thank you to everyone who has been patient with me and supportive of my move to Florida. I'm happy and healthy and moving on in life!

Here is a little something below that I drew up a little while ago. The chick on the left is the greatest little sister in the world who takes care of me and my daughter on our off days. My 1st daughter is in the middle and the one on the right is me on a bad hair day. Lol. We still look cool though. It was a fun day.

Thanks for viewing!

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