Saturday, August 29, 2015

First Poem Since High School

I've been in love before
You made my whole heart soar
We had a bond, it's true.
You made my heart feel like new.

It was so sudden when we met
Couldn't keep my mind off of the set
Your stare was making my heart pound
I pretended I couldn't hear the sound

I was looking forward to the time
I would find someone to call mine
Have I found the one that's meant for me?
Or was I just too blind to see?

Nestled in the arms of you
I didn't even have a clue
This magic spell your touch had cast
Could never make the whole night last

So when it came time to say goodbye
I never though I'd weep and sigh
I hoped you would have been there to say
I'll see you once more another day
And still the pain continues to grow
Cause I loved you more than you'll ever know

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