Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Summer Love

This one is dedicated to a man I fell in love with this summer during my stay in NJ. He was the only person to make solid plans with me during my visit. He took time out of his day and biked to come see me before he went to his night shift at work. He took me out on dinner dates and introduced me to new foods like Greek and Turkish. He showed me a new Sushi spot and he even kept me in shape by having me bike around with him. Not only did we enjoy the same foods, but we both had the same musical movie interests. I had just met him and in two weeks, I fell head over heels in love when I heard him sing. We were like a combination of Mimi & Roger from Rent with Sandy & Danny Zuko from Grease. He made me feel like Magic and he was the best part of my summer. <3

Thank you for a wonderful Summer, love. <3

Thanks for viewing! :-)

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