Sierra L. Roberson
Birth Date: March 17th 1990
Major: Animation / Illustration
Location: Sanford, FL

Hello. My name is Sierra Roberson and I’m a freelance graphic designer, part-time and a hard working mommy of two girls, full-time. I take part in designing various graphics for clients to use in advancing their very own businesses. My long term goals are to become an Animation Professor and Voice Actress for animated cartoons.
In the past I've interned with Vincent Potuto who I substituted for in Basic Drawing & Cartooning for 6th graders and Animation Story Boarding classes for 9th graders at Cicely Tyson School in NJ. 
Educating animation students was an enjoyable and fulfilling experience that reincarnated my desire to teach. 
In fact, I've been sharing my knowledge of animation through this detailed blog, posting tutorials and completed projects from previous animation classes such as Drawing for 2D Animation, Pre-Production Animation and 3D Stop Motion Animation.


To obtain a full time position as Graphic Designer or Animator

Senior, Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ
Major: Creative Arts and Technology, Concentration:  Animation                                         
GPA: 3.973

Associate of Arts, Essex County College, Newark, NJ, December 2011
Major: Graphic Design                                                                                                                      
GPA: 3.56

Dean’s List-High Honors, Bloomfield College, 2012-2013
Institutional Honors, Essex County College

Life Drawing for Motion                 Movement for Animators & Filmmakers                   Digital Media Studio I & II               
Drawing for 2D Animation             3D Stop - Motion Animation                                       Basic Video Production                     
Pre-Production Animation             3D Modeling & Animation                                           Computer Imaging                                                                                                                                             
  • Proficient in applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, Garage Band, Autodesk Maya, Dragonframe Stop Motion Software and FlipBook Software
  • Experience with operating systems-Windows 95/98/2000/7/8 and Apple Mac OS
  • Organized, detail-oriented, quick learner, enthusiastic and hardworking
  • Strong writing skills with experience in web design, transcribing and proofreading

“LaRue Clause Short Film”, 3D Stop - Motion Animation, Fall 2013
  • Built unique silhouette puppets and scenery for a 3D Animation with a 2D feel
  • Composed  an original short film with puppets using Dragonframe Stop Motion Software

“To Be A Good Mother Story Board Animatic”, Pre-Production Animation, Spring 2013
  • Used Story Boarding techniques to compose an original Animatic displaying own creativity with iMovie

“Gossipi’s Animation Film”, Drawing for 2D Animation, Fall 2012
  • Collected basic animation exercises and integrated them into a fun video to demonstrate progress throughout the semester with Flip Book Software
  • Built an animation blogging site to coach and keep students up to date in 2D Animation classes

Bloomfield College, Center for Career Development                                          Bloomfield, NJ
Commercial Animator Intern                                                                            10/2013-05/2014
          Acted as director of an introductory commercial for the Center for Career Development
          Designed mascot characters to represent the student population utilizing office’s services
          Produced vocals for the completed female mascot

Cicely Tyson School                                                                                          East Orange, NJ              
Animation Substitute Teacher Intern                                                                08/2013-09/2013
          Prepared a syllabus and a lesson plan for 6th and 9th grade classes
          Taught Basic Drawing Skills and Cartooning to 6th graders
          Led Animation Story Boarding classes for 9th graders

Sussex Ave Elementary School                                                                          Newark, NJ      
Tutor/Mentor                                                                                                   02/2013-05/2013

  • Created learning strategies to aid students with school work
  • Taught mathematics as well as reading and writing
  • Gave drawing lessons to the students and participated in after-school activities with them


"Personal Statement"

Ever since I was young, I've had a fascination with cartoons. Just like every 90’s child my favorite cartoons were those created by Disney and Dream Works. But, I didn't just watch cartoons; I studied their styles as well as their story lines and lessons. As a child I absorbed a lot of life lessons taught by the cartoons I was exposed to and I made it my goal to teach the same exact lessons in a modern style to the children of today. Through majoring in animation I hope to reconstruct the values and ideas that inspired me as a child and move the world with my creations.

As an Animation Major I have the ability to create whatever I want. Through animation I can tell stories and illustrate what is on my mind. Animation helps me to communicate with the world so that they may come to understand the way I see things and hopefully the message I’m trying to portray will instill in people a change in the way they see the world as well. My focus is becoming a professional Animator as well as a Movie Director for my own stories. I also would like to become a voice actress for upcoming animations in the Disney field.

I attend Animation classes at Bloomfield College because I want to know how to create unique characters, build exotic scenery and tell stories that move the audience like animations from my childhood moved me. I enjoy solo projects, though I have no objection to working with others on their projects as well. I like to help people and inspire them to try new things. I've taken part in projects that have defined me as a team leader and made me feel like an important piece of the puzzle. I look forward to more of those moments in my future.

Disney and DreamWorks movies have always inspired me. Watching animated characters come to life on paper and in the movies, continuously made me want to become an animator myself. But, most of all, growing up with Disney and DreamWorks as a child helped shape me into the person I am today; proud, determined and kind hearted. I want to shape the world as it has shaped me and make the childhood of others just as magical as Disney and DreamWorks made mine. Bloomfield College courses such as Pre-Production Animation, Digital Media Studio, 2D Animation, and Movement For Animators has brought me one step closer to accomplishing my career goal to work with Disney and Dream Works on future inspirational animations.